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Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

San Bernardino Setup
SFRH&MS Mini-Meet
March 19, 2011

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A much better set of photos of the layout were taken by Robbie Forsstrom.

Many thanks to Michael Gross and Chris Palomarez who planned and facilitated the setup, to Gene Rutledge and Charlie Shultz who invited us to join the mini-meet, and to the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum who provided space (and interesting backgrounds) for the setup.

SP Leaving Shandin

Traversing LA Yard

Crossing Bean and Chaffee

The long straight through Waldorf, Iota and White Horse

Passing the stock yard at Iota

Through Bilton on the way to Mojave Yard

Entering Mojave Yard

Running down classification track #2 on Mojave Yard
Turntable and roundhouse on Bilton

Little trains inside, big trains outside