The Layout

High-Level El Capitan

Super Chief

1960s Freight

1940s Steam




NTS 2011

May, 2010

San Bernardino
February, 2010

San Bernardino
August, 2010

Aptos BBQ
September, 2010

San Bernardino
March, 2011

Aptos BarnBQ
September, 2012

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2013

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2014

Aptos BarnBQ
May, 2015

Colfax RR Days
September, 2015



Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

Railfanning the BarnBQ Free-mo Setup
September 1-3, 2012

The layout at the 2012 BarnBQ may be the smallest fully functional Free-mo layout
in the world.  The photos here are taken as a train fan might have taken them.
While only Santa Fe trains are shown here, the layout also saw trains of the
Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Spokane, Portland and Seattle and Canadian Pacific.

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The Layout

The barn in Aptos, CA

The layout plan

The layout from Mojave Yard

The layout from Shandin Loop
High-Level El Capitan

A 1960s El Capitan running as a separate section of the Super Chief/El Capitan

Leaving Mojave Yard

Entering Lambert

Approaching Shandin

Leaving Shandin Junction

Red signals 

Continuing around the loop 

Approaching Shandin station

Passing Shandin station
Super Chief

A 1950s Super Chief

Mojave Yard and Lambert

Shandin Station

MSS demo:  Clear blocks ahead

MSS demo:  Block now occupied

Regal River

Through Shandin Junction

Shandin and Lambert

Heading to Mojave Yard
Early 1960s freight

Led by a quartet of GP-30s

Leaving Mojave Yard

Passing Shandin Junction

Approaching Shandin station

Entering Mojave Yard
A 1940s era peddler freight

Led by ATSF 3187, a 2-8-2

Caboose hop on the cutoff

Returning with some reefers
M-181, Shandin views

M-181 and baggage car

Toward Shandin Junction

Shandin office

C&J Smith packing house
Miscellaneous views