National Train Show
July 8-10, 2011
Sacramento, CA








Free-mo at NTS 2011




Setup:  Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, July 6-7

Show:  Friday-Sunday, July 8-10

Teardown:  Sunday evening, July 10 


While we hope to participate at NTS 2011, we won't know if we are accepted as a participating layout nor will we know how much space we have available until the NTS allocates space.  Bob Schrempp is managing communications with the NTS organization as he did for the 2008 NTS in Anaheim, CA.


As run chief, it's my intent for the Free-mo layout at NTS 2011 to represent the Free-mo philosophy as completely as possible.  Here is what the standard says.


The objective of the Free-mo Standard is to provide a platform for prototype modeling in a flexible, modular environment. Free-mo modules not only provide track to operate realistic models, but also emphasize realistic, plausible scenery; realistic, reliable trackwork; and operations. Free-Mo was designed to and continues to push the envelope of modular model railroading to new heights. It goes beyond the traditional closed-loop set-up in creating a truly universal "free-form" modular design that is operations oriented and heavily influenced by prototype railroading.


I encourage you to take the time to read to complete description of the objectives of Free-mo at


With the Free-mo philosophy in mind, the following will be the basic policies for Free-mo at NTS 2011:

  ·           Module owners will "nominate" modules to the layout committee for consideration by submitting the following:


o           Module owner contact information

o           Module outline and track arrangement dimensions to within 1/16" (for layout design)

o           Module photos (your opportunity to present the module at its best)

o           A completed checklist (to be posted on this website later)

o           A firm commitment to accompany the module to NTS 2011 and be present for the full period of the show including set-up and tear-down ("loaned" modules will be considered only as a last resort)


·           The layout planning crew will select modules from the nominations pool based on the following criteria:


o           Degree of execution of the Free-mo philosophy, objectives, and standards

o           Full width, 24” single track or 26” double track (mini-mos to be considered only as a last resort for the success of the setup)

o           Completion and presentation (scenery, fascias, skirting)

o           Successful participation in previous Free-mo layouts, or demonstrated operational compliance to the Free-mo standard

o           Incorporation of the Modular Signal System occupancy and detection (not required, but preferred)


I'll be providing more guidance on each of these items in future postings.  Let me know if you have questions or comments at