National Train Show
July 8-10, 2011
Sacramento, CA








Free-mo at NTS 2011:  Snapshots

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The layout was unique in CA experience.  It was configured in an "E" shape with loops at the end of two legs of the layout and a large yard and engine facility at the end of the third.

A display of various Free-mo information was located at the entry to the public area between the middle and upper (Canadian) legs of the "E".

This is a view of the three ends of the legs of the "E".  The "lower" leg ends closest to the camera with the middle and upper legs beyond.

Here is the end of the lower leg.  The black skirts are Canadian, the brown skirts are US.

From the end of the lower leg shows Vanville (a caboose motel), the engine facility of Bilton and the throat of Watsonville Yard

At the opposite end of the lower leg is the throat of Mojave Yard and the double track of Chaffee

Bean continues the double track and leads to the backbone of the "E""

Arness Junction on the backbone provides access to the middle leg.

Looking back from the other end of the backbone includes Waldorf, Llano, Pixley and Jax.

Turing toward the upper leg includes a view of "S" turns through Jax, Schlitz, and the two Hearst modules.

Looking down the upper leg includes Hearst Creek, the signal-mo, the Canadian border between Lambert and Cormel with Packer's Pond beyond.

Canadian border agents appeared to spend idle time at this location on Cormel.

The end of Packers Pond leads to Coldslap Yard.

The engine facility at Coldslap Yard with Double H Loop in the distance.

View from Double H Yard with the middle leg in the background.

At the end of the middle leg is Shandin with White Horse just beyond.

After White Horse are Pabst and Tagus.

Glen Frazer is next with a DCC discussion taking place.

Next on the way to the backbone are Dexter and Calendar.

Then comes Fall River.

Iona and Cottonwood are the innermost modules of the middle leg.

Arness Junction on the backbone as seen from the middle leg.