National Train Show
July 8-10, 2011
Sacramento, CA


NTS 2011 Guidelines







Setup Guidelines

It's the practice of NorCal Free-mo to publish guidelines for multi-group setups so that all participants have the same expectations for the setup.  We enforce the guidelines on the honor system and expect that participants will follow them without prompting by others.  We don't know what requirements the convention center will impose, but we'll let you when we learn anything important.

Since this is a showcase layout, we want it to be a terrific example of the Free-mo philosophy and implementation of the Free-mo standards.  With about seven months until the show, there's plenty of time to build, repair, refurbish, decorate, etc. modules that you intend to nominate for participation at the show.  And there's plenty of time to get your rolling stock into shape as well.

The application for participation at the show has just arrived.  It will be some time before we know if we have been accepted for the show and how much space we will be allocated.  When we know, we'll be ready to accept module nominations for the show.

Let me know at if you have any questions about the guidelines.
NTS 2011 Guidelines