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NTS 2011

May, 2010

San Bernardino
February, 2010

San Bernardino
August, 2010

Aptos BBQ
September, 2010

San Bernardino
March, 2011

Aptos BarnBQ
September, 2012

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2013

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2014

Aptos BarnBQ
May, 2015

Colfax RR Days
September, 2015



Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

Aptos Barn-B-Q Setup
September 4-7, 2010

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NorCalF has met in a small barn for a setup on the Labor Day weekend for a number of years.  Here are some snapshots taken during this setup.   Because the barn is poorly lit, opportunities to take photos are limited and avoiding motion blur is a real challenge.  The poor lighting causes some of the photos look like they were taken in the early morning or at dusk.  As usual, the setup was very relaxed where time was spent running trains, installing decoders, weathering cars, and whatever else participants choose to do.
Many thanks to Jere Ingram and Bob Schrempp for a great BBQ dinner!
The Aptos barn
Various views taken at Mojave Yard
Harry Wong's Sheridan
Train by Bob Schrempp
Jere Ingram's Hearst work crew Eric Fuhriman's Iona
Watching trains at Gregg Fuhriman's Glen Frazer
Trains by Jesus Pena (DRG&W), Gregg Fuhriman (ATSF) and Harry Wong (SP)
Eric Fuhriman's Iona
Trains by Gregg Fuhriman and Gary Green
Shandin Views
Bob Schrempp Jesus Pena Harry Wong, Jesus Pena,
Gregg Fuhriman
Pat (Jere's friend), Jesus Pena,
Jere Ingram
Harry Wong, Bob Schrempp,
Gregg Fuhriman
View from the barn door Gregg Fuhriman working Bob Schrempp at the work tables
Tear down and pack up for the trip home