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Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

The 2013 BarnBQ Free-mo Setup
August 31 - September 2, 2013

The layout at the 2013 BarnBQ grew from last year. The modules ranged from unfinished
modules being tested for the first time in a setup to a small module built
by the original Free-mo group in San Luis Obispo for the first Free-mo layout in 1995.

These photos were taken on a quiet Monday morning. Unfortunately, this means
that not all the participants or their trains are shown in the photos. I've inculded photos
of each of the modules that participated in the layout.

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The barn in Aptos, CA

The layout plan created
by Chirs Palomarez

An overview of the layout from the nose of Shandin Loop

Participants at work:
Near: Jere Ingram and Ed Sutorik
Far: Barry Draper and Chris Palomarez
Mojave Yard
LA and NorCal Free-mo

Looking toward the closet

Disappearing into the closet

In the closet the throat of LA's El Centro yard provided escape tracks for engines

Looking back from the closet door

Engine sets at the throat

Great Northern at rest

A bit of family history

BN owns the yard
Barry Draper and Jere Ingram

The first appearance of a very attractive kit-bashed signal bridge by Barry Draper

A signal-mo by Jere Ingram that has been in use for years
Jere Ingram

One week earlier: the left segment (from inside the curve)

One week earlier: the right segment (from inside the curve)

The loose-rail butt joint between the module segments

Jastro in the layout (the turnouts are spiked since Tortoises aren't yet installed)
Gary Green

Lambert leading to Jastro

Looking back from Jastro

A view from Hearst

Moonlight on the rails
The Hearst Modules
Jere Ingram


Hearst leading to Lambert

Work crew on Hearst

Hearst Overpass

A culvert on Hearst Overpass

Trucking under the bridge
Harry Wong

Morning light

Looking toward Sunol
Sunol and Not-Sunol
Ed Sutorik

Building locations on Sunol

Piru "Bender"
The smallest segment of a beautiful module set built by Art Armstrong for the first Free-mo layout in San Luis Obispo in October, 1995. For a summary of that event, see The bender is now in line for restoration of its scenic treatment.

Looking through Piru toward Shandin

A better view. The Piru Bender has been a valuable module on many layouts as it provides just a bit of a curve when needed.
Shandin Loop
Gary Green

Waiting for clearance at Shandin Junction

Still waiting...

Merchandise on the loop

Caboose bringing up the rear
The Layout Console
Barry Draper and Chris Palomarez

Barry Draper working at the layout "console" that includes Barry's custom distribution "box" for track power and LocoNet. Chris Palomarez provided the computer and software. We spent considerable time exploring the advantages and disadvantages of advanced consisting at the console and with a number of engine consists. Chris also demonstrated the usefulness and reliability of an iPhone wifi throttle.
Photos by Ed Sutorik

Centurys through Sheridan

Mojave Yard throat

Centurys on the bridge

100 tons per car

Ex-Q hack

Waiting to be called
Jere's Workspace

One characteristic of BarnBQs is that, since there is no audience to please, participants have to time to indulge in whatever they choose to do, from painting and weathering, sitting and chatting, and even running trains on the layout. This year, Jere spent most of his time installing decoders in two new engines, only to find at the end of the weekend that one of them appeared to have a faulty motor. Oh well!