NTS 2011

May, 2010

San Bernardino
February, 2010

San Bernardino
August, 2010

Aptos BBQ
September, 2010

San Bernardino
March, 2011

Aptos BarnBQ
September, 2012

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2013

Aptos BarnBQ
Aug/Sep, 2014

Aptos BarnBQ
May, 2015

Colfax RR Days
September, 2015



Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

The 2015 BarnBQ Free-mo Setup
Memorial Day Weekend
May 23-25, 2015
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The barn in Aptos, CA

The draft layout plan

An overall view of the setup inside the barn. At left: Michael Larson and Dan Risdon. In the distance: Bob Berger, Jere Ingram, Dan Baker
Mojave Yard throat
Milwaukee boxcars in the yard
Rio Grande switching out a caboose
Fruit block preparing to leave yard
Working and watching: Dan Baker, Jere Ingram, Dan Risdon, Michael Larson
Resting but ready for action.
Waiting for the next job assignment
Jere Ingram at work
Where are the big mountains?
Ready to depart
The end of two main tracks after leaving the yard
#3701 sneaking out from behind the trees
Outbound Rock Island mail
Rock Island returning from Shandin
Michael Larson at his workspace
Bob Berger and Jesus Peña
Zephyr passing on the historic route through Hearst
Zephyr making progress
Zephyr on its way
ATSF 3783
BNSF on the loop
From the left: Michael Larson, Ed Sutorik, Dan Risdon


On the way home
The Sunday crew...from the left: Michael, Dan, Jere, Bob, Dan, Gary, Ed. Gregg, John and Jesus joined on other days.
Some depth-of-field experiments with Helicon Focus
City of Portland

This photo is 2000 pixels wide. Notice that it's sharp for the full length of the train
Combined El Capitan and Super Chief

Also 2000 pixels wide. Notice that the clip on the Wixon turntable and the grain on the barn wall is clearly visible