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Semi-Lightweight Baggage Colors

The 2014 BarnBQ Free-mo Setup
August 30 - September 1, 2014

The layout at the 2014 BarnBQ closely resembled the 2013 layout.
While a number of trains were run on the layout, projects of various types received
most of the attention so that the BarnBQ was more a work session than a layout event.

These photos were taken on Sunday evening and Monday morning. Unfortunately, this
means that a number of great looking trains that ran on the layout are not shown in the photos.

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The barn in Aptos, CA

The layout plan

An overview of the layout from Shandin Loop toward Mojave Yard in the distance

The booster farm supporting two booster districts
Mojave Yard and the Ron Wixon Turntable

Power in the yard

Arranged for departure


And exiting Ron Wixon's turntable. It was a great success
Layout Views

Steam on Shandin

Shandin trackwork

BNSF on Iona

Iona horse pasture

Lumber yard on Iona

Iona's Calaveras Concrete from above

The Sunol modules with Not-Sunol in the distance

An inspection trip through the newly formed cut on Not-Sunol

Red over green signal indications at dusk on Hearst and Lambert

Jere selecting an engine on his DCC throttle

Ed wondering how many cars will fit on Shandin Loop

Ed finds that about four more cars would have fit

Bob Schrempp and Michael Larson studying easements and coupler offsets

Ed Sutorik replacing couplers

Gregg Fuhriman working on one of several projects

Jere Ingram deep in concentration

Jere Ingram prepares and serves a great BBQ dinner

As usual, food was abundant and delicious

Pies provided by Ed made sure that we were fully satisfied

Relaxed conversations following dinner
Tear Down and Packing
Just in case you wonder how we do it.

Mojave Yard arranged the way it's stored between setups

Lambert in it's traveling and storage box (legs not yet removed)

Loading Jastro

Ed's happy that his legs are separate (see below)

Preparing the Hearst modules for travel

Loading the Hearst modules next to Jastro

Iona packed and ready to depart

The Sunol modules packed and ready to depart
Photos taken by Michael Larson
All photos were taken with Michael's iPhone. Note: The dark wall of the barn made good photos very difficult.

Mojave Yard from the Ron Wixon turntable

Mojave Yard

Mojave Yard

A quiet moment at the Mojave Yard throat

Hearst Creek (in the darkness)

Hearst Overpass (in the darkness also)

Progress on Not-Sunol

Iona (with Shandin in the distance)

Calaveras Concrete on Iona

Lumber Yard on Iona

Store on Iona

Horses on Iona


ATSF 3187 on Shandin